Analyze the sentiments of your customer by exploring all the emails in your inbox. Drill down to specific emails that demonstrate negative and positive sentiments of a customer seeking attention.

Identify customer sentiments

cognitive mail

Receiving dozens of customer emails

gothrough emails

Tough to go through each and every email

missingout emails

Chances of missing out on important emails

How Cognitive Email Workbench works

Changing the way how business gets done by empowering businesses to analyze their customer sentiments anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence. Cognitive Email Workbench keeps businesses and customer experience moving in the right directions

cew works

4x sales conversions in less than 90 days

Read the mind of your customers


Command control your opportunity pipeline with sentiment analyzer across the lifetime of a conversation.


Hand pick customer emails with extreme sentiments and attend to those seeking attention (both positive & negative)

Customer reaction Customer reaction

5X response time by prioritizing your customer reactions knowing where to invest – time & efforts

productivity productivity

3X improvement in sales representative productivity