Scheduling Reports for Sales Cloud

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Report Scheduler
Report Scheduler

Enhance productivity and minimize manual intervention

CRM Report Scheduler is a comprehensive plugin solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing CRM On Demand platform. This extension to the cloud CRM platform leverages the flexibility of customer data and relationship management, to distribute recurring and automated reports to CRM and non-CRM users periodically.

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CRM Reports and business insights in your inbox

This plugin provides and ability to track and manage a large list of reports that need to be executed and delivered at different times across multiple users. The custom reports with Sales, Opportunity and Pipeline management and other business insights are delivered to your inbox as an email attachment (PDF, XLS, MHTML, CSV formats).

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Report Scheduler
Report Scheduler CRM On Demand

Visual Analysis

Visually analyze your data and create beautiful reports and dashboards, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Wide range of reporting components to choose from.

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Schedule Cross Functional CRM Reports

Combine data from different sources easily to create cross functional reports. For example, combine your marketing spend data in excel files and sales data in CRM to create a spend vs sales report.

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CRM Report Scheduler

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